Best Weekender Bag For Men

Weekenders for men are a stylish item for small bag or the next weekend trip.

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Weekender With Shoe Space

Chic and easy! The weekender from Newhey not only looks good, it is also the great companion for a weekend trip or the workout session. The small travel bag has a compartment for shoes on the side. There is even a suitcase loop on the back, thanks to which you can take the bag with you very easily as hand luggage when travelling.

Weekender Bag For Men
Weekender Bag For Men

Canvas Weekender

This one is a bit more casual and sporty. Here too, there is a carrying strap for the shoulder, so the weekender can be carried easily. The duffel bag is made of sturdy canvas with sturdy straps. This is available in different colors, we especially like the canvas one with the brown applications in the look.

Bugatti Weekender

The Bugatti weekender in black is very light and is therefore good for leisure and travel. Also included is a detachable shoulder strap. On top there are easy ide spaces that make it possible to stow away small items. This gives you the highest flexibility. Whether for a weekend trip or as larger luggage: This weekender travel bag is the right solution for every event.

Insider Tips

Shoes are additional storage space. You can use the inside of your shoes for little things. The shoes also serve as protection. In the weekender for men there is enough space, but not infinitely much. Means for you: roll up your clothes. You’ll quickly notice that more fits in the bag and your clothes, such as shirts and the like, don’t crease as easily. Important files, such as notebooks and the like, always at the top. So you can get to it easily and don’t have to rummage in your pocket. If you like things to be particularly tidy, you should take a look at luggage organizers. The bags are available in different sizes and you can use them like small spaces in the closet. For example one for sweaters, the other for socks. So you are guaranteed to find everything again. The same applies here: roll up your clothes and put them in your clothes pocket.


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