Glass Patio Enclosures and Sunrooms

Glass patio sunrooms made of glass transform your patio into a completely-fledged glass extension that you can use as a sunroom. In this way you get additional living space that can be walked on in any weather via glass patio enclosures.

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Glass Patio & Porch Enclosures

All you have to do is contact TPG so that your dream of a closed glass patio roof can come true. We implement individual solutions for you with regard to a closed roof and style the best glazing that suits your outdoor area. We will arrange a free viewing appointment with you and inform ourselves individually on site about the circumstances. We then start with the glass porch enclosures planning and construction stage;

  • -heat-retaining for a comfortable weather
  • -completely protection from precipitation
  • -wonderful view of your patio in all weather conditions
Glass Patio Enclosures and Sunrooms
Glass Patio Enclosures and Sunrooms

How Much Glass Patio Enclosures Cost?

As with the glass patio enclosure cost, the price of the shading depends on the desired style, size and installation. An external on-glass enclosure is notably more expensive than an mounted under-glass roof. As a guide you can estimate around € 4,000.00 – € 10,000.00. If you want a detailed offer, just get in touch with us!

Why TGP Systems As A Patio Enclosure Company Near Me? 

In our consulting/sales room and large outdoor exhibition area you will see many chances for nice shading and roofing. TPG Systems Company relies on a good item at a fair price- ratio and competent, honest advice. TPG offers all conservatory kits with a good price guarantee and is the leader in the world to send products everywhere. TPG glass patios are made from the stronger item, have a galvanized steel strip in the gutter and meet all building standards.

What Can You Get From TPG?

-Fast delivery and high quality products is the first mission for its customers.

How Is The Service?

Patio glass enclosures are expandable with glass sliding walls and sun protection and support 365 days a year.


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