10 Top Best Songs About Friendship

Music has always told us feelings and human relationships. Among them, there is not only love. In fact, there are many songs about friendship written over the years by some of the most important songwriters of the worldwide music scene. They are texts that show different aspects of that specific bond that is established between two people, of trust, sympathy and mutual choice. And as diverse as the friendly relationships are, including the music about it.

One’s best friend cannot be thanked enough. Be it in the way of a thank you cake, a nice text by mail. How about thanking your loved ones in a musical way? A nice text is sure to make your best friend laugh. Whether you sing the song yourself or play it back, your friends will know how important they are to you. And vice versa, that they too can always count on you!

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Lean On Me

Bill Withers wrote and produced a catchy song about friendship and for each other with Lean on Me. The song was created in 1972 when Withers tried a few hand exercises on his newly acquired piano. He did not have much knowledge as a songwriter at this point.

Lean On Me
Lean On Me

Amy Winehouse Just Friends

Amy Winehouse turns the best post-relationship set with Let’s Stay Friends – into a sweet song that never fails to evoke her tragic life.

The Beatles – With A Little Help From My Friends

The lyrics were written at the suggestion of friends who were present, while Lennon and McCartney strummed the piano. The song itself also found many friends in the shape of countless cover variants.

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Touching and graceful without the slightest hint. The lyrics mourn the departure of former group singer Barrett – Wish you were here. In a figurative sense, however, it is also about a lifelong friendship, namely the friendship with oneself and the desire to become the character one might have once been.

The Rembrandts, I’ll Be There For You

Who hasn’t hummed and danced to this song at least once in their life? Soundtrack of the famous Friends series I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts returns to the simple theme of friendship always being there for each other.

Bruno Mars, Relying on Me

If in reality the desire to have a friend doesn’t seem to be fulfilled, in Bruno Mars Relying on Me, however, this all happens. The singer and songwriter for the band Weezer, wrote the song “My Best Friend” which was released in 2005.

Meghan Trainor – Friends

In her song Friends, the US songwriter and singer Meghan Trainor sings about the fact that true friends are always there for each other and help each other, even in difficult times. The song expresses the trust that you only experience with the friends, that they understand you best and always have a place available if necessary.

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