How To French Tuck Your Shirt

All it takes is an enigmatic name to make a very easy styling the talk of the town. The French Tuck is hip right now. What is that? When you tuck your top into your pants waistband just in front but not in the back to add waist and shape. You look slimmer and not so compressed. The trick ensures more unity of the outfit. The French Tuck is often only worn on one side, i.e. only one half of the front part of the shirt is knitted into trousers or a skirt.

The French Tuck has been around for a long time, but until now it had no official name. We owe the name to designer Tan France. This is his favorite hack for finishing off any outfit. The trick is easy, but still ingenious. And this is how it works: The top is tucked into the trousers or skirt at the front. Leave the rest of the top hanging out at the back. That’s it! Each of us has probably worn the French tuck at some point without even knowing it.

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How To French Tuck Women

Knowingly or unknowingly, chances are you’ve worn a top French tuck before. No idea what’s behind it? This simply means tucking the top into the front of the trousers or into the skirt – very loosely and casually. This nice styling balances proportions and stretches the overall look. For example, it ensures that we don’t get lost in an oversized shirt or that the wide-cut blouse doesn’t look too big. The French Tuck is great for everyday use because it is so wonderfully uncomplicated. It is perfectly styled with oversized tops such as shirts, knit sweaters and blouses that are tucked into high-waisted pants or skirts. For example, a combination of an oversized blouse that is tucked into the waistband and wide-leg trousers looks great for the work days.

French Tuck Your Shirt
French Tuck Your Shirt

How To French Tuck Men  

Men also wear French tuck now. The fashion was recently seen on the catwalk, especially at some brands- also in many men’s outfits. What is behind the fashion expression is easy to explain: the shirt is not completely tucked into the trousers, only at the front. It can still hang down casually at the back. Tom France is a supporter of this look, as he always likes to emphasize on the show. And that’s why he quickly invented his own name for the design move.


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