How To Get Rid Of Age Restriction On Youtube

YouTube has become an integral part of our everyday life. Whether it’s a video at work or a quick funny one on the mobile application, the video network is used almost every day. But more and more often YouTube comes with the annoying age restriction and you have to log into an account or confirm your age to see the tutorials. In order to watch age-restricted content, you have to bypass the age restriction as long as you want to watch it privately. This can be done using different ways. In this blog you can find out why this age control exists and how you can watch YouTube without age restrictions.

If you have reached the age of 18 and want to access all YouTube contents, you can go the conventional route and tackle age verification using a card or identification. If you want to consciously avoid this, for example for information protection reasons, there are a few other ways to circumvent the age restriction on YouTube. We now present the most well-known ways of this trend in detail.

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Youtube Age Restriction With VPN and Google Account

The work required to be able to use the platform to its complete extent depends on the country from which the YouTube video is accessed. While the youth protection guidelines in Europe for example are very strict, they are comparatively relaxed in the USA, for example. In concrete terms, this means that if YouTube thinks that a user is visiting the network from the USA, the relevant Google account only has to be stored over 18 so that the age restrictions do not apply – without any complicated confirmation. One solution is to use a VPN,a virtual system. Such a move makes it quick and easy to connect to the wifi with a disguised IP and a server located in the USA or another country with less strict youth protection guidelines. 

How Get Rid Of Age Restriction On Youtube
How Get Rid Of Age Restriction On Youtube

Buy VPN and go through registration

First, of course, you need a good VPN. We recommend them which you can test for free of charge for 45 days. If you don’t want to pay anything afterwards, you can simply end the phase again. Most VPN providers can usually be used for a small monthly subscription fee. So you choose a VPN and go through the purchase and registration procedure, which usually only requires email and a payment provider.


FreeTube is a fairly well-known browser client that is completely free to download and use. The high level of user-friendliness should be emphasized, thanks to which you can find your way around quickly and do not have to spend a long time finding yourself with how the client works. No registration is necessary for this. Using FreeTube, can be streamed and platforms can be subscribed to, whereby age restrictions are eliminated.

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