How To Change or Recover My Eyes Only Password In Snapchat

If you frequently share your smartphone with friends, protecting your privacy can prove to be a chore. Although there are a variety of hiding applications out there, Snapchat has introduced a “For My Eyes Only” tool in the application to help users hide images and videos easily. In this blog, you’ll learn how to set up and recover My Eyes Only feature to hide your Snaps.

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How To Change or Set Up My Eyes Only On Snapchat

Open Snapchat and tap on the Reminders button to the left of the shutter button. You can also swipe up on the camera viewfinder to access the Memories field. When the Memories page appears, go to the Just My Eyes field. Confirm the entered password, check the button “I understand that if I forget this password, Snapchat can’t recover it or snaps in My Eyes Only and tap Next.

You have now enabled the My Eyes Only area in Snapchat. Go to the next field to learn how to move your snaps here to safely hide them. Now that you’ve enabled the My Eyes Only feild, you can easily move images or videos there.

How To Recover My Eyes Only Password In Snapchat
How To Recover My Eyes Only Password In Snapchat

Forgot Password? Here’s How To Restore It

Before we start, you should know that resetting your Snapchat password “For My Eyes Only” will erase all the snaps you have been hiding so far. If you still want to reset, follow these steps:

Swipe up on the camera viewfinder and switch to the My Eyes Only tab under Memories. Then tap the button, select Forgot Password and enter your Snapchat profile code at the next prompt. Select the “I understand that creating a new password will delete all snaps in My Eyes Only” button and click the accept button on the next screen. You can then create a new one for your My Eyes Only in the platform.

How to Recover My Eyes Only Pics on Snapchat?

Recovering My Eyes Only images is not possible on the platform if you forgot the password. That’s because these images are encrypted and require a password to access.

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