What is a HGV driver UK?

HGV drivers are now deployed to alleviate the delivery bottlenecks, especially at British roads. Around 100,000 truckers are missing from the sector in UK. They could soon be short of HGV drivers too, as there are no offspring.

hgv drivers
hgv drivers

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What is a HGV driver

Enthusiasm for large vehicles and driving is by no means enough if you want to do a good job as a professional HGV driver. In addition to the relevant driving, depending on the vehicle if required, a dangerous goods driving license – HGV drivers today need to have a wide range of skills and knowledge in order to be able to carry out their strenuous work reliably and safely. A closer look at the driver’s everyday life shows which cognitive and psychological requirements are necessary.

Can EU HGV drivers work in the UK?

Yes but Brexit puts a heavy strain on trade between the EU and the UK. In customs clearance in particular, the procedures first have to become familiar. HGV drivers in particular are currently suffering from this. The UK wants to counter impending supply bottlenecks by reducing the mandatory rest periods for HGV drivers to four weeks. The transport sector has strongly criticized the measure and is making concrete counter-proposals.

How can I become HGV driver in UK?

In view of an estimated 100,000 vacancies and supply bottlenecks, HGV driver wages have risen rapidly. According to an online report, they are above the earnings of executives. To get the top wage, you have to drive 47.5 hours, mostly at night, including ten consolidated overtime hours. The work takes place on five out of seven days in rotation. If you work 43 hours a week on five days, you will currently receive a good amount. There are also other perks, such as 20 % off shopping in the stores or life insurance.

How much do HGV drivers earn in UK?

HGV drivers now earn more in the UK than lawyers, teachers or other business sectors. In the case of the market chain, it is almost 55,000 pounds per year in shift work, which corresponds to around 63,000 euros. UK companies are offering a good 70,000 euros an annual salary just to attract HGV drivers. Nevertheless, nobody wants to be on the move there anymore. A similar shortage could also hit Europe and the local salaries are not nearly as lavish.

The large logistics companies like www.thelgvtrainingcompany.co.uk  that are the clients of the forwarding sector all earn splendidly. However, is that individual forwarders cannot easily pass on higher costs due to the sector to the freight prices. 

December 14, 2022

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