Are Ehic Cards Still Valid

With the European Health Insurance Card, those with statutory health insurance can receive medical treatments throughout the continent. The card is valid in all EU countries and some other European countries. Anyone who is insured in EU does not have to apply for the ehic cards. It is printed on the back of the insurance card.

If you have forgotten your EHIC at home, you must contact your health insurance provider and request a provisional replacement certificate for the Health Insurance. This replacement certificate can also be sent at short notice by email. The patient then submits the certificate to the treating doctor in the host country.

Please note: EHIC can only be obtained by those who have statutory health insurance in a member state of the European Union. Anyone who is privately insured within the EU or comes from a country that does not belong to the EU cannot receive an EHIC. Those affected have to resort to private ways of insurance.

Are Ehic Cards Still Valid
Are Ehic Cards Still Valid

Treatment With The EHIC

Presenting the European health insurance card is sufficient to receive treatment in another country in the event of an accident or an acute illness. You are then entitled to benefits that prove to be medically necessary during your stay in another EU state. The costs incurred are reimbursed by the patient’s statutory health insurance company.

But caution is advised here: If insured persons deliberately decide to have treatment abroad for certain reasons, they must first clarify with the health insurance company whether the costs will be covered. This also applies to sufferers if the illness requires specific medical checking and the use of special equipment.


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