What Are The Functions Of Language

Language is primarily used for interpersonal chat. In addition to a good function, language has a cognitive one, for example it is a procedure with which we carry out certain mental mechanisms. The subject of functions is this cognitive language, in particular the categorization of the abstract regularities that we unconsciously acquire and master. The subject of psycholinguistics is the mental one that enables the actual use of language.

Nobody knows exactly the inventory of words that is available in a language. For everyday production it is a few thousand words, for the written language of  writers at least 10,000. The vocabulary of an average speaker is at least 50,000 words. There is also no one who knows exactly what a word can mean. In contrast to this, the regularities of word function can be grasped very well. These word forms regularities make it possible to create a regulated unlimited amount of new words with an inventory of meaning assignments.

It is even more difficult to count the number of sentences in a language, since this is infinite. The sentence regularities make it possible to manage an in principle amount of sentences with a limited inventory of sentence rules. Linguistic procedures make statements about the way of units, like their grammatical structure, on the one hand and their meaning of their structure, on the other.

What Are The Functions Of Language
What Are The Functions Of Language

Table of Contents

Performing Function

The performing function is about the pure detail that the speaker wants to convey. Objects, procedures, people or reasons are presented. This can be in the model of declarative sentences, nouns, adjectives, numbers, dates, etc.

Expressive Function

When people communicate, what they say always says something about themselves. We also refer to this as an expression function. Whether consciously or subconsciously, the speaker reveals feelings, hopes or thoughts. The linguistic symptom is then also seen as a sign for the speaker.

The Communication Function Of Language

The understanding is more than the mere exchange of detail. It is also about bringing certain reasons closer to others. Explanations are an example of the communication function of language. Without explanations, we wouldn’t understand how certain things work. Be it devices or other processes in the human body.


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