Are Ehic Cards Still Valid

Anyone who falls seriously ill abroad or is injured in an accident needs medical care. With the European Health Insurance Cards, you no longer have to worry about doctors in other countries refusing treatment or charging you a large bill for it.

It is a free cards that entitles you to medically necessary health offers during a temporary stay in one of the EU countries – under the same conditions and costs (free in some countries) as the insured persons of the respective country. Covered are u. a. also benefits in connection with existing illnesses or in connection with pregnancy and childbirth.

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The European Health Insurance Card

is not a substitute for travel insurance. It does not include private health care or any other costs you may incur (e.g. airfare back to your home country, re-acquisition of lost or stolen property).

does not cover your costs if you travel specifically for the purpose of medical treatment.

does not guarantee free treatment. The health of the individual countries are different. It is therefore possible that services for which you do not have to pay anything in Europe are subject to a fee in other countries.

Are Ehic Cards Still Valid
Are Ehic Cards Still Valid

Which Services / Costs Are Covered Via Ehic?

In general, with the exception of Macedonia, Serbia, the costs of all medically necessary chances are covered. This applies to both outpatient medical treatment and inpatient treatment in a hospital. The costs of necessary medicines, which are purchased in the pharmacy, are also covered.

In other EU countries, you are insured according to the legislation of the country in which you are staying. Anyone who needs medical care in Switzerland is entitled to the benefits of someone who has health insurance in Switzerland, anyone who has an accident in France is treated like someone who is insured in France, etc. Some health insurance companies also work with contract clinics abroad together. In these clinics you are entitled to the benefits of the health insurance system. Reimbursement of costs instead of assumption of costs in exceptional cases. In most countries, treatments are billed to the health insurance company. In some countries, on the other hand, the health network works differently. In countries such as France, medical treatments are paid to the doctor. Instead of a cost assumption there is a reimbursement of costs. If you have to pay for your treatment on site yourself, you should always have a detailed invoice issued that shows all the measures and treatments calculated. You later submit the bill to your statutory health insurance company and your money will be reimbursed in accordance with the laws of the country in which you are being treated.


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