Will I Get Stopped At The Airport If I Have A Warrant

Being arrested at an airport can be particularly problematic for those arriving who are not familiar with law and are therefore unaware of their rights and obligations. Anyone who has been arrested or imprisoned for an offense at an airport should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. It is important to remain calm during this time and to take advantage of competent assistance.

The law is your reliable legal advisor in times of problems and offers you defense that is both competent and committed. They will inform you about your rights and obligations, support you during interrogations, represent you in any disputes that arise and accompany you through the entire procedure. Actions inside the airport can also lead to an arrest. There are increased security precautions at airports and countless searches are carried out. Occasionally, however, people may be unjustly accused of theft or other offenses inside the airport. Rising tensions, especially in a situation with passengers, can lead to confrontations with security guards and other airport employees. These can also result in arrest. Note that the arrest may have been a disproportionate measure by the authorities. You may have legal redress, for example in relation to additional costs incurred as a result of a missed flight or the way security treated you. Whatever the reason for your arrest, the criminal defense attorneys are available to advise and defend you.

Will I Get Stopped At The Airport If I Have A Warrant
Will I Get Stopped At The Airport If I Have A Warrant

Unauthorized Entry or Entry Ban

An arrest warrant can also be issued against you while you are abroad. For the issuance of an arrest warrant, there must be strong suspicion of a criminal offence. On the other hand, one of the following reasons for detention must exist: flight, collusion or repetition. In addition, detention must be proportionate to the alleged crime. The reason that you are abroad is not in itself sufficient reason to assume that there is a danger of absconding. However, it is likely that you will be asked to return to your country. If you also have assets or a residence permit in another country, this may be sufficient to assume that there is a danger of absconding.


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