The Best Way To Remove Stripped Screw

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a do it yourself plan and encountered a screw that your screwdriver couldn’t seem to engage, chances are you had a stripped screw on your hands. The head of the screw is so damaged that it is almost impossible to remove with a screwdriver. There are many handy ways to easily remove a stripped screw that don’t require a screwdriver.

Most stripped screws are the result of using the wrong tools or simple user error. Screw heads usually wear out because the screwdriver or drill used was too small. The screwdriver or drill spins on the screw without a good grip, and the result is a broken head on the screw. Turning screws at an angle can also lead to stripping. Always aim your screwdriver or drill against the screw. When inserting screws, it is good to create holes first.

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Rubber Band 

This way of removing the screws involves placing the rubber band over the stripped screw. Put your screwdriver over it and with the rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver, push with strong force and twist slowly.

Hammer Method 

Insert the screwdriver into the stripped screw. Hammer the end of the screwdriver. This can work by allowing the screwdriver to penetrate the soft element of the screw and giving you that grip to unscrew.

Hammer Method
Hammer Method

Epoxy Glue 

Glue a nut onto the bolt. You can also use a strong adhesive. Once the glue is dry and firm, use a wrench to turn the nut. Hopefully it’ll hold onto the screw and use it to loosen it.


This is a specific tool for removing stripped screws. These would be easy outs, grabits, left twists, reverse bits’. These can all be used to remove screws but should be pre-purchased and kept in your tool box for future screw and bolt extraction.

Drill Hole In Screw 

You can use a drill that is slightly smaller than the screw head. Drill a small hole in the middle of the screw head. This method opens the hole so you can dig deeper into the screw to loosen it.

Larger Screwdriver 

If you have a stripped screw, sometimes using a larger screwdriver can provide the additional grip needed to pull the screw out. You might also try a smaller one.

Handle With Pliers 

When the head of the screw is slightly above the hole, you can safely grab the screw head with pliers or a vise handle and unscrew it. This is the easiest way when the screw is stripped but the head is sticking out over the hole.

Sanding Tool

If you have a sanding tool, you can use one of the cutting blades to cut a straight scored line on the screw head. The deeper you make the notch, the easier it is to remove the screw.

Weld It 

If you know how to weld and heat won’t damage the device that the bolt is in, weld a nut or piece to the bolt. After welding, all you have to do is turn the nut or piece, and the bolt will be pulled out.


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