Important Tips for Dating an Introvert

Dating is an important topic for me. Because I have very few people in my life that I would consider friends. And also only have a manageable circle of acquaintances. Friendship is not something I give or accept lightly. It takes time and trust for an acquaintance to grow into a friendship for me.

Friends only know one side of me. Most of the time, I only show the qualities that I feel are appropriate for that person and in that situation. My close friends get to know me better, I can show them more of myself. We introverts often struggle to make friends. Because it takes us a long time before we let someone get close to us. It is important to us that we feel safe in the presence of the other. Until then, we appear withdrawn, distant, boring, disinterested or even arrogant. Although we only need regular rest and time for ourselves. Or are in the process of observing the other one, getting to know them and assessing for us whether they deserve our trust.

Sometimes the other is already gone from our lives by the time we can answer yes to that question. This is a pity. But the people who remain in our lives and become our friends can expect trusting, deep and long-lasting dating from us.

Important Tips for Dating an Introvert
Important Tips for Dating an Introvert

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Be Patient

Introverts have a great need for security. They need a stable sense of trust before they can open up to someone. They like to stand in their own way or do not understand their own contradictory needs: the desire to make deep friendships is just as great as the need for rest, retreat and alone time.

Give Him Space

Intros love close friendships. But just like the connection with other people, they need their freedom. Humans exhaust them quickly. That’s because their filter in the head for outside sensory isn’t as finely tuned—that is, they pick up more detail that extraverts might not even notice.

Spend Quality Time Together

When you’re with an introvert, you usually have their full attention. He decided to spend time with you – not everyone does an intro and that’s why you should also give him your full attention.

February 9, 2022

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