How To Cancel Order On Zomato

Everyone prefers to order their food online these days, which is why Zomato is so well known. But what if you make a mistake or your plans have changed and you want to cancel your order? In this blog we will show you how to cancel your Zomato order, get a refund and everything else related to the subject.

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How Do I Cancel An Order On Zomato?

Suppose you ordered a meal and now you want to cancel it. No problem. The platform offers an order cancellation opportunity. In fact, you can even make changes to your order after you’ve created it, whether it’s removing items or adding more items. That’s how it’s done: Go to the Zomato homepage. Go to the see all orders link on the right side of the page. Or click orders on the left. Navigate to the order you wish to cancel.

Cancel Order On Zomato
Cancel Order On Zomato

Click on the tag to cancel your Zomato order. Make sure you’ve selected a reason for the cancellation and added some information about the situation. It’s that easy to cancel your order. However, remember that you cannot cancel your order at the last minute – canceling when your delivery is at your door will not work.

Note: While this is the actual way to cancel Zomato orders, it’s not the easiest for the restaurant. Also, consider contacting the diner to cancel the order. Canceling an order through the application is as easy as navigating to the order and selecting cancel. Of course, you may not be able to do this if a notable amount of time has passed. You can contact the restaurant if you want more details about your order and if you want to cancel it and get a refund.

How To Get A Refund On Zomato

The reason that you canceled the order, whether through the application or with the restaurant, does not mean you will receive an immediate refund. Yes, this includes cancellation with the official Zomato application.

Contacting the restaurant and stopping the meal preparation is a great way to increase your possibilities of a refund. Share all of this with Zomato’s customer representative.


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