Did Helen Keller Fly A Plane

The deaf-blind Helen Keller fought against many injustices: she helped blind people to learn, she campaigned for black rights and she fought for women’s rights.

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Who Is Helen Keller?

Helen Keller was born in 1880 as a healthy child in Alabama, USA. When she was not even two years old, she became seriously ill and subsequently lost her sight and hearing. A short time later she also stopped speaking. The previously lively and happy child withdrew. She hardly appeared outdoors anymore, after all she didn’t know how to communicate. In 1887, her concerned parents called in the teacher Sullivan for help. Trained to teach blind children, she also gave Helen Keller new courage to face life. With the so-called finger alphabet – letters are written in the palm of the hand, Helen blossomed again.

How Helen Keller Changed The World – How Did Helen Keller Fly A Plane?

Helen Keller has experienced first-hand the situation of people who are excluded from public. That’s why she changed her mission after her studies: she was no longer the student, but from then on she took care of blind or deaf people herself. As a member of the Commission for the Blind, she was invited to many meetings abroad. There she gave lectures on life with a disability. Later she also turned to the rights of black people and equality between men and women. In 1924 she founded the Helen Keller Organization, which researched vision, health and nutrition. She was now called “the angel of the blind”. In the 1940’s  an airplane traveled from Rome to Paris. There was nothing unusual about this flight except one thing: for almost half an hour of the journey, Helen Keller became the pilot. The producers decided they should show Keller flying too, to show strength.

Helen Keller
Helen Keller

When and How Did Helen Keller Die

After a stroke, the then 81 year old withdrew. Before she died in her sleep in 1968, she is said to have said: “I am blind but I see; I am deaf but I hear.” This motto and the life story of her still encourage many sick people today. During her lifetime, the fighter wrote ten books (The Story of My Life for example), which always dealt with her own life. Today there are numerous books and even movie adaptations devoted to the art of how deafblind people cope with their destiny. They are always inspired by Helen Keller’s courage to face life.


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