How Do I Report Someone After Game LOL – League Of Legends?

League of Legends is a long-running competitive game with a huge following. Likewise, the game consistently has a large amount of concurrent players. Therefore, both bugs and errors seem to be a common issue among gamers. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore competitive one, encountering errors or bugs when queuing into a game is an annoying issue. If you’re looking for fixes for some of the bugs in the game, you’ve come to the right place. So, this one looks at fixes and workarounds for the error getting details and report the player in League of Legends.

I’m not a bad supporter at all. I almost always win the botlane with my adc and have already received many messages from my fellow players. But now the following has happened; I was in a game as currently my main with Jinx. Jinx played too risky, I still tried to protect her, but still she was often killed and then I was too. When that happened Jinx started flaming I was so bad etc. Then Jinx and our jungler had a fight against three. I got there, was able to stun an opponent and catch most of them with my wave, but both of them died and Shaco also started to flame, I’m so bad. At the end of the game we lost and Jinx had the most deaths of all the two wrote “pls report” and something like that and one just wrote “i did”. I think that was my first report. However, I just find it unfair. My question now: What exactly happens after a report?

How Do I Report Someone After Game LOL
How Do I Report Someone After Game LOL

When players break our rules, some games allow you to report violations, content and cheating in-game or as an offer. This is the perfect way to report players as it immediately collects details that we need to conduct our investigation. Riot controls the reports and if you are good enough at some point, you can also control them yourself. Not much will happen to you with one report. However, if these accumulate, it can lead to chats or even a permanent ban. Our tip to you: If you think you have to stick out, shout it out, or write it in the chat, but delete it before you send it. so you can let your anger out without anyone having a reason to report you. If you are a decent player nothing will ever actually happen but a warning. Many have been reported hundreds of times for the dumbest reasons.


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