Best LGBTQ+ Dating Apps

There are all kinds of LGBTQ dating apps online. Each of them serves a slightly different user request. Here are the top gay and bisexual dating apps for your special dating focus.

True Diversity researched and found OkCupid to be the most inclusive one under the mainstream. First of all, because when creating your own profile you can choose between 22 gender identities and 13 sexual orientations such as straight, gay, but also gray-asexual. You can also choose which gender identities you are interested in and only see people who could be interested in you based on their sexual orientation – and you don’t have to ask yourself, as is often the case in reality, whether the other person is even interested in your own gender is interested.

In addition, OkCupid not only enables the search for romance, relationships according to the heteronormative idea, but also allows a distinction between sexual or romantic relationships, or between non-monogamy. In this way, OkCupid also enables queer people to have an online experience tailored to them, which is not the case with other, less diverse and more binary platforms.

Best LGBTQ Dating Apps
Best LGBTQ Dating Apps

Personally, what made me very happy was that in addition to being a lesbian, I could also choose to be demisexual, an option that, in my experience, is often forgotten or ignored. It gave me visibility and made me feel good. I wasn’t just able to chat about my favorite things or hobbies on a great level, I was able to have deep talks with queer people who had had similar experiences.


The most widespread platform for men who like men in this dating app. The site became trend many years ago under the name GayRomeo, until the summer of this year it was called another name. Because much of the content of the sex-positive would not be compatible with the Playstore and Appstore guidelines, there is a guideline compliant, slimmed-down them. In addition to the possibility of exchanging messages with potential dates, you as a user can also create or join groups or guide profiles. This is how you find other people with similar interests. For example, a bar or diner creates a Club or Guide profile that can either join or link their private profiles to. The clubs are very different. Some exchange ideas about business or careers, others about sexual experiences. In addition, the app and platform also offer a wide range of educational details on AIDS and safer sex.


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