Best Diapers For Sensitive Skin

Leak-proof, skin-friendly, comfortable to wear and preferably as cheap as possible. These are the factors of diapers that every parent wants. Nothing has been discussed, analyzed and compared as often when it comes to babies as diapers. Parents are searching for the best diaper. But does the search really pay off? Do we find what we are looking for? We say yes, but.

When looking for the perfect diaper, many parents initially check many brands. No diaper is like the other and each has more, sometimes fewer advantages. Some are just plain disappointing, while others are leak-proof but not comfortable to wear. It quickly becomes clear to us parents that we have to make compromises somewhere. And once we’ve found a type of diaper that fits our needs, we read a report that ruins everything again. Furthermore, one must mention that it is not done with just diapers. Because before a new diaper can be put on, the baby’s buttocks must be cleaned and cared for. Wet wipes are usually used to clean the baby’s bottom. After cleaning you can smear the baby bottom with cream. 

Now we should know what to look for in diapers. They should be practical to use, comfortable to wear, as gentle on the skin as possible and also inexpensive. Of course, these are just the obvious facts. 

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Diaper Size

All manufacturers use numbers to indicate diaper sizes. The sizes usually start with 0 and depending on the manufacturer, stop at 8 at the latest. Although there is a uniform size, the respective diapers from different manufacturers usually differ a little in size and shape. So it may be that the size 1 diaper from one manufacturer still fits, while the size 1 diaper from another manufacturer may already be too small for your baby.

Diapers For Sensitive Skin
Diapers For Sensitive Skin


We know how annoying it is when the diaper leaks. It is therefore also important that the diaper is not only the right size but also as absorbent as possible. Absorption volume and absorption speed. The capacity ensures that larger amounts of liquid can be absorbed by the flow. The absorption speed ensures that the liquid is absorbed as quickly as possible. Both are important, because a low-volume diaper fills up quickly. 


Two aspects are decisive for skin-friendliness. On the one hand there is the rewetting and on the other hand the additives in the diaper. You should make sure that the baby’s bottom is not too wet or damp despite the complete diaper. If the bottom is not too wet, this indicates a low level of rewetting. Of course that’s good. When it comes to elements and additives, you should make sure that there are as few additives as possible.


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