Best alternative services to UptimeRobot

Uptime Robot is a popular online service that provides website monitoring and uptime tracking. Its main purpose is to prevent the website from experiencing interruptions and to inform site owners or administrators by detecting situations where users experience access problems. We researched the most effective applications for you in this field and the prominent name on the list was Robotalp.

Uptime Monitoring
Uptime Monitoring This tool offers basic uptime monitoring services, including HTTP and SSL checks. A unique feature is that you pay for the checks made to your websites, which could save costs for fewer checks. It also includes a nicely designed hosted status page and integrations with services like SMS, Zapier, Statuspage, Telegram, and Slack. However, doesn’t have a free plan, and the costs could add up if you need frequent checks for multiple websites​​.
Dotcom-monitor: This platform provides monitoring for uptime and performance of web pages, applications, and servers. Dotcom-monitor has four different plans based on specific use-cases, starting at $20/month. It’s ideal for users with specialized monitoring needs, but subscribing to multiple plans can become costly​.

Webgazer: Known for its well-designed status pages, Webgazer includes uptime and SSL monitoring in all its paid plans. Alerts are available via SMS, phone calls, email, and Slack, although they are based on pre-purchased credits, which may limit usability for monitoring several sites. The Pro plan is priced at $69/month​​.

Upmon: A simple and straightforward tool for uptime monitoring, Upmon charges $1 per monitor per month (minimum $5), offering 5 monitors. It includes unlimited SMS and phone call alerts, unlimited status pages, and also features cron job monitoring. Upmon is a good option for monitoring a smaller number of websites​​. While more expensive than some other alternatives, is known for its reliability. The cheapest plan starts at $19/month, which includes 10 checks primarily from the US. is more suitable for larger teams or agencies managing multiple websites​​.

Hyperping: Hyperping provides uptime monitoring for websites and APIs, public status pages, and instant alerts via emails, Slack, and SMS. It is appreciated for its comprehensive monitoring capabilities​​. Pulsetic: Pulsetic offers simple and effective monitoring of SaaS products, with features like status badges and alerts for website downtime. It is known for its.

Robotalp: Robotalp application allows continuous monitoring of your website and quick detection and resolution of possible problems. This minimizes the time your business and customers will be affected in the event of an outage. Robotalp is one of the most effective applications you can use for free, as it is both affordable and provides 24/7 service. The advantages offered by Robotalp are not limited to this. Thanks to its instant notification features, the application immediately notifies you of outages, thus enabling quick intervention. This offers a significant advantage in ensuring your business continuity. I would also like to point out that among Uptime Monitoring applications, it is the application that provides the most service diversity to its customers.

Don’t miss the 50% discount opportunity by taking advantage of Robotalp’s services until the end of the year. Robotalp offers solutions to suit all needs by offering free, commercial and unlimited usage options. With options ranging from just $4.5 for business to $67.5 for unlimited use, it offers everything you need to keep your website running smoothly. Meet Robotalp now, secure the performance of your website and benefit from the opportunities.

December 14, 2022

SGS Gastro


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