Signs Of Cheating

Being cheated on by your partner is a nightmare for many. Nevertheless, according to various reports, about 50 % of men and 35 % of women have cheating at some point. These signs can tell you if your partner is one of them.

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Unusual Generosity

An affair takes time. Time that should not be noticed by the partner. Cheating sites therefore recommend getting rid of your partner with appointments – preferably in the way of lavish gifts such as an offer to the theater with your best friend. In this way the cheater knows exactly when he has a free evening for himself and his lover. Unusually gestures should make you sit up and take notice: Because an affair causes feelings of guilt, the unfaithful one suddenly showers his partner with flowers, small gifts and sweet attentions such as breakfast in bed.

Signs Of Cheating
Signs Of Cheating

Mood Swings

Cheating on your partner and all the time running the danger of being caught is a trouble for many cheaters. Especially when the betrayed suspect and the unfaithful partner notices, he will react very thoughtfully and violent to questions about appointments, for example. If you challenge your partner with your suspicions, he/she will either freak out, accusations or make a scene out of sheer disappointment at such an unfair claim and be offended for days. In any case, it will be a huge reaction and seem rehearsed.

More or Less Sex

You will also notice changes in your sex life in the event of an affair. Either you still have less sex than before or a lot more than usual. Sounds interesting? Not necessarily. Cheaters usually have a guilty conscience and want to pay back their partner with more fondness. On the other hand, a well-known proverb says: “The appetite comes with eating” and it is sometimes the same with sex. The more you have, the more you want. It is particularly noticeable when the partner suddenly wants to try new positions, but has already learned them great. Did he/she maybe practice somewhere else?

He/She Pays Cash More Often

Paying by card is one of the biggest mistakes made by newcomers to cheating. If suddenly inexplicable bills, diner visits or high bills from the jeweler appear on your companions card statement, it’s high time to investigate further. The situation is similar if he/she suddenly no longer pays or hardly ever pays with the card and instead withdraws higher and higher amounts of cash. What does your partner suddenly need so much money for? For a sweetheart with a lover?

He/She Covers Tracks

Cheaters should also be very careful on their home PC’s. They try to cover up all digital traces of the affair. It becomes particularly noticeable when your partner no longer saves the login details for his account or keeps changing his parole. Deleting the browser history after each use of the PC is one thing above all: very conspicuous!


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