How To Stop Smoke Detector From Beeping

Some people complain, for example on internet or with manufacturers, that smoke detectors beep mostly at night. However, the more subtle but also disturbing noise does not signal a fire hazard. But why does the smoke detector then beep, why so often at night and are there any safe solutions to this issue?

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Sleep Undisturbed and Safely: Avoid Beeping Smoke Detectors At Night

The quiet beeping of the smoke alarm device usually indicates that the battery only lasts a few days to trigger the sound. According to the manufacturers, this is usually one month, but this is not guaranteed.

However, temperatures drop at night and many people prefer to sleep in well-ventilated rooms. However, battery smoke detectors, which are usually installed in Europe, react sensitively to a lower ambient. The cooler room air causes a voltage drop, so that the performance of the detector decreases. This means that the battery level on the smoke detector is measured even lower than it already is. So instead of emitting the warning for a battery change during the day or a few days later, the smoke detector incorrectly beeps early and is annoying at night.

Stop Smoke Detector From Beeping
Stop Smoke Detector From Beeping

How To Stop Smoke Alarms From Beeping At Night?

Smoke alarms do not all work equally well. There are items that are of a higher quality and mostly have a 10-year time. Q smoke detectors with a permanently installed corresponding battery are particularly recommended. These high-quality detectors convince by the reason that considerably less voltage is lost when the power is transacted from the battery to the detector – and the battery lasts longer as a result.

It is also important to check the functionality of the smoke detector every year – also to be able to identify a weak battery in good time and replace it if necessary. Please note that the check should be carried out during the day, since, as already mentioned, a low temperature in the bedroom can cause the battery voltage to drop. First of all, keep calm – you are safe and the beeping is quickly fixed:

If equipped, press the button on the smoke alarm to temporarily silence the sound. This is always on the surface, facing down, and only needs to be pressed once. Take the smoke detector off the mounting plate or dismantle it. The acute problem is thus solved for the time being. Install new batteries in the smoke detector no later than the following day. In the case of smoke detectors with a permanently installed battery, you must change the device.

December 14, 2022

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