Best Ways For Wood Floor Scratch Repair

Despite careful handling, scratches can occur in wooden floors. Sanding would of course be a solution, but you have to be more experienced for that. You also have to treat the surfaces with nourishing oils and polishes afterwards. Usually, you can find various wood repair kits in hardware stores, but some of them contain chemical additives. But sometimes the good old remedies are enough to repair scratches in wooden floor.

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Eyebrow Pencils

Sometimes the make-up can be really useful – especially if you rely on natural products. Because the nourishing oils and substances from eyebrow pencils are great for covering small wood scratches. The pens already have the right color. Simply apply and let it sink in. It’s good to wipe again afterwards.

Coffee The Great Cure

Coffee not only acts as a pick me up, but against minor scratches in dark wood. To do this, either put a good shot of coffee or even coffee grounds on a cotton swab and rub it over the area several times. Leave on for a short time, wipe off, done!

For Deep Scratches In Wooden Floors: Toothpaste And Oil

Toothpaste not only makes the teeth shine, your floor can also benefit from it. The polishing comes from the small particles. Mix the toothpaste and the oil in a ratio of 2:1, then simply rub the whole thing into the scratch, leave it on and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Floor Scratch Repair
Floor Scratch Repair

A Home Remedy Removes It Immediately

You’re wondering what miracle means scratches can disappear from the wooden floor immediately? Quite simply: olive oil. No more and no less. That’s how it works:

Take a damp cloth and wipe the scratch with it. Wipe well with the dry side until no residual moisture remains. Now take a dry cloth and put a drop of olive oil on it. Attention: Less is definitely more here! If you use too much, the oil can stain the area. Put the oil into the scratch in a circular way until it is no longer visible. Finally, polish with the oil-free product of the cloth and the scratch is gone. The scratch in your wooden floor is a bit deeper or more stubborn? With a specific wood repair kit you can remove dents, deep scratches and chips particularly carefully. Also works with laminate! 

Remove Scratches With Wax

Deeper scratches cannot be polished away and must be filled in. If you don’t want to buy a repair kit from the trade, you can try working with wax. Of course, this wax mass should correspond to the wood tone: The wax can be colored with coffee or tea for this purpose. The whole thing can also be done with wax crayons, and polishing with a soft cloth is sufficient.

Walnuts or Peanut Butter

We were blown away by this method. Do you have deeper scratches in unvarnished wood? Then grab a walnut kernel and rub it over the damaged area. We recommend peanut butter or, even better, sugar-free peanut butter for lighter wood. Lubricate the scratch generously and rub off the paste after leaving it to work for 1 day. Polish a little more and the scratch should be gone. Of course, before repairing or touching up the scratches, the wooden floor must be cleaned.


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